IT Management & Leadership

Silk Consulting provides experienced consulting in Information Technology (IT) management and leadership. We can deliver the superior results you need leveraging our 30+ years of experience in IT at small startups to Fortune 500 companies.  We have extensive experience working with global companies with widely disbursed IT staff and end-users.

Our services are delivered exclusively by US based veteran consultants to insure the highest quality solution delivery. Our outstanding written and verbal communication skills allow us to deeply understand your requirements and deliver not just what you ask for, but what you need.

Our focus is on partnering with our customers to truly understand their project needs and not just what the deliverables of a contract specify. Our most successful engagements start with working with a customer to explore the full goals of a project to ensure we are building a solution that will be able to grow and extend to meet long-term needs.


We provide a broad spectrum of services which span most aspects of IT. Even so, we do have specialty areas where we can provide some truly exceptional results.

  • Global Multi-site Challenges.  Most successful medium to large businesses at some point expand from a single site to multiple sites distributed (seemly at random) around the US or globally.  Often times IT struggles to adopt to this change.  In some cases IT is not even able to support “remote” locations for budget or “political” reasons.  Eventually, though, successful businesses must overcome this challenge and IT is the lynch-pin to doing so.  We have many years of experience in this space and can help IT overcome these challenges through organizational structure, processes, service alignment, and infrastructure design and implementation.
  • Business Alignment.  One of the toughest challenges IT faces is aligning its goals, services, and delivery to meet the ever shifting needs of the very business it supports.  Our long history and experience in this area  can provide the independent perspective to find that alignment and to put in place the culture and process to remain aligned.
  • Service Alignment.  Many IT organizations spend significant time building services and then move on to the next project.  This often leaves services to become “stale” and eventually disconnected from the very customers they were created to serve.  We can help IT organizations understand what current services are mis-aligned and need adjustment, which may need to be abandoned, and most importantly, what new services are needed but not provided.
  • Scale IT for Growth.  As companies grow, IT often lags behind in terms of organizational structure, processes, infrastructure, and business applications.  Our experience in this area can provide you with the outside, independent perspective you need to scale IT for growth.
  • Process Engineering.  Often times IT is quick to implement a new service but short on time to design and implement the best process to manage that service.  We can help you in this area by applying our many years of experience in process management to deliver anything from a light-weight process to fully engineering a process to maximize efficiency and reduce risk.
  • Leadership coaching and advice.  Many head-of-IT and senior IT managers often encounter situations or problems that they need outside, independent, and confidential advice on.  In some cases it might be due to company politics.  In other cases you are looking for industry best practices.  Whatever the case may be, we can provide the coaching and advice you need to make experienced decisions.
  • Organizational Review.  IT organizations, like most service organizations, need to periodically review their organization for reasons ranging from reducing costs through scaling for growth.  IT in small and medium sized companies in particular often face severe challenges as their business customer grows into a complex, disbursed organization.  It’s crucial that IT have the proper organization and structure to be able to grow and adapt.   We can apply our many years of experience in this space to an Organizational Review which will put you on the right path.