IT Enterprise Architecture & Design

Silk Consulting provides expert consulting in Information Technology (IT) areas such as enterprise architecture, infrastructure architecture, service design and architecture, and ERP vendor/product selection.  Our 30+ years of real-world experience in IT ranging from small startups to large Fortune 500 multi-nationals can deliver the superior results you need.

Our services are delivered exclusively by US based veteran consultants to insure the highest quality solution delivery. Our outstanding written and verbal communication skills allow us to deeply understand your requirements and deliver not just what you ask for, but what you need. We have extensive, real-world experience in working with US and international customers, especially those who have consulting needs which span multiple countries.

Our focus is on partnering with our customers to truly understand their project needs and not just what the deliverables of a contract specify.   Our most successful engagements start with working with a customer to explore the full goals of a project to ensure we are building a solution that will be able to grow and extend to meet long-term needs.


We provide a broad spectrum of services in the IT space.  Even so, we do have specialty areas where we can provide some truly exceptional results.

  • Enterprise Architecture.  We have extensive experience designing and implementing large scale infrastructure and new technology deployment projects.  We can not only design the technical architecture, but also manage the project, achieve employee “buy-in”, and perform technical training for IT and end-users.
  • New Technology Deployment. Our experience in helping IT to deploy new technology in small to very large enterprise environments is another skill that sets us apart.  Overcoming skepticism and reluctance of business users to embrace new technology is a major challenge for IT to overcome for most new technologies.  We can help IT achieve the business “buy-in” for deployment of new technologies that you need to succeed.
  • ERP Vendor/Product Selection.  Selecting an enterprise ERP vendor and system is a high-risk and extremely time-consuming process that can put you on the path to tremendous success if managed well.  We can provide the  critical independent support and expertise you need to make this crucial project deliver the results your business is looking for.  Whether you need some “back seat” advice or need us to drive the process for you, our experience can make the difference between ultimate success and spectacular failure.
  • Startup Bootstrap of IT.  Our extensive experience “bootstrapping” IT in startups can pay significant dividends in the short- and long-term.  We can provide the “blue-prints” to get IT functions started in early and late stage startups where time and money are both in short supply.  We have launched IT in numerous startups laying the foundation for growth while containing short-term costs.