CTO Consultant

You can have the 30+ years of technology experience working for you as a Chief Technology Officer.  We can provide everything from hands-on coding to high level advice and everything in between.  We have extensive experience developing enterprise and Web based applications, managing cloud based services, designing end-to-end solutions (architecture), and navigating the world of startups.

The early stages of a startup are a mine field of decisions which can easily kill the company even after a successful round of fund raising.  Making the right technology decisions from the start is crucial to building a product which will scale and grow.  You don’t need to build a military-grade product from the start.  You need the right architecture, platform, and developers to keep you on the right path.  Our experience can deliver the technical vision and guidance to make your vision a viable and grow-able business.


  • Technology Vision: Market-driven vision aligned with business goals and clearly communicated to all levels with Powerpoint presentations, Whitepapers, Visio drawings and spreadsheets.
  • Development Management: Act as VP/Director of Development to design and manage the development process, procedures, and standards utilizing in-house or outsourced/off-shore developers.
  • Development Implementation: Hands-on coding as the lead or sole implementer of the product.  Extensive experience in object-oriented programming in Java for enterprise and web-based applications.
  • Platform Design and Implementation: Design architecture for the platform the product operates on.  Includes cloud based services such as Amazon Web Services.