Mobile Device Management System

Designed and developed a system to manage mobile devices that run Android and iOS.  This MDM product was targeted at IT enterprise customers who wanted to manage Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and company owned mobile devices.

It’s primary features include policy management (password length, complexity, PIN required, etc), remote wipe, locate device, hardware configuration, inventory of apps, white-list and black-list apps, and app distribution.


  • Amazon Web Service (AWS) for each customer server instance
  • Front-end web-based User Interface written in Java using the Vaadin framework
  • Back-end written in Java/Java EE utilizing Hibernate, MySQL, RESTful API, and Apache Tomcat
  • Custom designed and written App (Agent) for Android and iOS which integrated with AWS servers
  • ECore (XML) based data model with graphical editing
  • Automatic Java data model code generation via Texo and custom code generator.

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