Cruise Rating and Review Website

We designed and implemented a fully functional and scalable site for travel consumers to view ratings, reports, and reviews of cruise ships.  The unique approach of this service was to retrieve and process the vast data available on cruise ship safety and inspections from sources such as the US Coast Guard and CDC.  This data was used to create a rating for each cruise ship.  The service then provides consumers with the rating, ranking vs other ships, and detailed reports on ships.

This project involved extensive using of “web scrapping” to obtain public domain data on cruise ships.


  • Web scrapping of multiple sites
  • Extensive reporting both web-based and PDF
  • Integration of Google Adwords for advertising
  • Payment processing of credit cards using Stripe
  • Amazon Web Service Elastic Beanstalk and RDS
  • Front-end web-based User Interface written in Java using the Vaadin framework
  • Back-end written in Java/Java EE utilizing Hibernate, MySQL, and Apache Tomcat
  • ECore (XML) based data model with graphical editing
  • Automatic Java data model code generation via Texo and custom code generator

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