IT Asset Management Agent

This long-term project involved the design and implementation of an IT Asset Management (ITAM) agent.  The agent is responsible for gathering information about the system it is run on and making that data available to an ITAM server or a local user interface.

The data gathered includes hundreds of attributes about hardware, installed software, software licenses, storage configurations, and network configuration.

A unique feature of this agent is the Software Discovery Language (SDL) which was created specifically to allow extending the capabilities of the agent.  SDL is a scripting language which resembles Perl and C.  SDL scripts can be written and added by the customer without touching the source code of the agent.

The agent code is extremely portable and runs on Apple MacOS (PPC, X86/X64), HP’s HP-UX (PA-RISC, IA64), IBM AIX (PPC), Linux (X86/X64, IA64, PPC, S390), Microsoft Windows, and Oracle Solaris (SPARC, X86/X64).


  • C for most coding
  • Java Software Developer Kit (SDK) for integration
  • Perl for Command Line Interface (CLI) and Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • TCP/IP custom service
  • XML Data Model with autogenerated C and Java code

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