Michael Cooper, Founder and Principal of Silk Consulting, has 30+ years of IT and development experience.  He was a founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of two startups and a very early member of two additional startups including Procket Networks known for raising a record $350M in funding.  He has worked in senior leadership and technical roles in companies such as Atheros Communications and Sun Microsystems.

Some of the products Michael has developed include Mobile Device Management (MDM) for managing Android and iOS devices, a cloud based marketplace for the exchange/sale of ideas, and a cruise ship rating and reporting service.

One of the most successful products Michael has developed is an IT Asset Management (ITAM) agent.  This product was the first in the industry to work on all major UNIX platforms and later was ported to Linux, Mac, and Windows.  The agent today is used directly by wall street banks, major energy companies, very large government agencies, and many Fortune 500 companies.  Some of the largest and most popular ITAM products on the market today license this agent for embedding in their solutions.

At Atheros Communications (public $1B company, now part of Qualcomm), Michael was the head of global IT and Facilities.   He successfully guided these teams as the company more than doubled in revenue (to $1B), employees, and locations.  Michael personally ran the selection process for the company’s first enterprise ERP system.  After the selection process he built an IT Applications team from scratch which went on to implement an Oracle ERP system on schedule (10 months) and within budget.

While at Sun Microsystems (public $12B company, now part of Oracle), Michael was hand picked to be the first company-wide IT Architect.  In this role he worked horizontally and vertically with all levels of the company to identify, design, and deploy leading edge IT solutions.  One of his most successful accomplishments was leading the effort to deploy company-wide a new Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) product called Sun Ray.  This technology was industry leading-edge at the time and faced significant hurdles.  Michael worked with the Sun Research and Development group as Sun Ray emerged as a research project and later with the Sun Ray product group as it transitioned to a commercial product.  He influenced the product development, overcame huge skepticism of employees, and successfully delivered an IT program which eventually deployed 25,000+ Sun Ray desktops company-wide and saved Sun $32M per year.  Michael’s IT Architecture for Sun Ray was used by Sales as a blue-print for customer deployments.

Michael was frequently invited by the Sun CIO and Sales teams to speak with Fortune 500 and large government agencies on how Sun deployed and managed its products internally.  His ability to speak with customers at both a highly technical level and a senior management level led to many successful and satisfied customer purchases.